Breastfeeding is a journey...


When you make the decision to breastfeed your baby, you can be sure that there will be good days, and not so good days.  Our bodies instinctively know how to produce the perfect food for our babies, and babies instinctively know how to get that perfect food into their bodies (for the most part).  But it can take some time for moms and babies to get into a good breastfeeding routine, and some moms and babies experience a few bumps in the road along their journey.  

I have found that the biggest reason women quit breastfeeding is lack of support.  That's where I come in!  I am here to support you through your WHOLE breastfeeding journey.  Most women see a lactation consultant in the hospital (if that is where they birth their baby).  Usually this happens the day after their baby is born.  Many times things seem to be going wonderfully,  and mom and baby seem to be doing great.  It's often when mom and baby get home that they realize they need some extra support.  I will come out to YOUR HOME and do a full breastfeeding consultation and address any issues you are having. 

This is important for a few reasons:

1.  You need to focus on relaxing and recovering, and likely won't feel like leaving the house to go to another appointment.

2.  When I go to your home, I am able to see you and your baby in YOUR environment.  Seeing you in your natural daily environment will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable, and it will help us to come up with the best plan for your breastfeeding success.

3)  I can usually get to you the same day or the next day.  This allows us to address issues right away and make you and your baby more comfortable and happy with your breastfeeding experience.

Some of the other services I offer are:

  • Prenantal breastfeeding classes
  • Virtual breastfeeding support
  • Phone consultations
  • In home or hospital consultations
  • Pumping consultations and support
  • Follow up care and visits based on your needs

It's so important to me that every mom feels fully supported while breastfeeding...

  Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time.  Don't wait days or weeks hoping things get better.  Sometimes all it takes is a half hour phone call to make moms feel better and improve their situation.

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