HypnoBirthing works for EVERY birth...

On your birthing day your body will know exactly what to do to bring your baby into the world.  Birthing can be beautiful, gentle, comfortable, and safe.  You can help that happen by staying calm and keeping your body relaxed and free of tension.  When you tense up,  you start working against your body, and the process can become painful, difficult, and many times, birthing can even stall.

HypnoBirthing allows you to go into your birthing day without fear.  You will have all the tools you need to keep your body and mind calm and comfortable.  You will learn how to use special breathing techniques, relaxation, visualization, and self hypnosis to keep yourself in a calm relaxed state.  

These tools can be used no matter what type of birth you plan to have.  HypnoBirthing can be used for home births, birthing center births, hospital births with or without medication and c-sections.  You will be fully prepared to calmly handle whatever turn your birthing takes.

Each class series consists of five 2 1/2 hour sessions.  If you are close to your birthing time or live too far away please contact me so we can make other arrangements for your classes.

To learn more about HypnoBirthing, visit us.hypnobirthing.com.


Frequently asked questions:

What is included in my class cost?

  • Full HypnoBirthing course taught by Mandy Spann, Registered Nurse, Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and Certified Lactation Counselor. Small class sizes ensure a personalized training for all couples.

  • The book we use for the course, HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method, written by Marie Mongan.

  • The Rainbow Relaxation recording, and positive affirmations recording

  • A full packet of handouts with important course material.

  • A personalized birth plan for you and your birth companion.

  • I am available to you via phone, text, or Email all the way up to and during your birthing time to answer any questions and give any support you may need.

Do I need to take the hospital birthing class too?

  • HypnoBirthing classes are designed to be an all inclusive birthing course. We will cover everything you would learn in a hospital birthing class, and more! You do not need to take any other classes. I also offer a breastfeeding class at a discounted rate for my HypnoBirthing clients.

Does my birthing companion need to attend all classes?

  • Its wonderful if your birthing companion can attend all the classes. However, if that is not possible, they should be willing to read the book and allow you to share with them what you learned in class.

Why can't I just buy the book and read it, or do an online course?

  • This class is designed to use the book and relaxation recordings alongside the in person class. We discuss many things in more detail than you can get from reading the book. We will be practicing breathing and relaxation techniques and teaching birthing companions different techniques to help you stay comfortable during your birthing.

If I need to have a c-section or have other special circumstances, will HypnoBirthing still be beneficial to me?

  • HypnoBirthing is beneficial for ALL types of births and any special circumstances you may have. You will learn how to relax and be calm in any situation that may come up, which is beneficial to you and your baby. The techniques you learn will even be useful after your birth in parenting and every day life.

I can't afford the cost of HypnoBirthing classes, but I really want to take the class.  What are my options?

  • I am passionate about making sure my classes are accessible to ALL women and families. I don't ever want money to stop a woman from having the birth she dreams of. I am always willing to work with people to find a solution that works for them. That could mean a payment plan, reduced price classes, or a scholarship. Check out my HypnoBirthing Outreach Project to find out more!


Class Options:

  • Group Classes (new classes start each month).

  • Private Classes (contact me for available dates and times).


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